ngs_toolkit is a Python library for the analysis of NGS data.

Its goals are to provide a highly customizable set of objects and tools that interact with each other to create data processing and analysis workflows in both a interactive and scripted way.

ngs-toolkit is unique in the following aspects:

  • Includes tried-and-tested (and published) workflows for end-to-end analysis of NGS data, while at the same time allowing high customization;

  • Tailored for well-established NGS data types, but supporting arbitrary data types;

  • Its target audience are mid-level computational biologists who want to “get it done” and focus on interpretation of results. At the same time, it allows running workflows with minimal programming experience.

ngs-toolkit is reaching maturity, with a stable API (from version 0.14.0 on), improving documentation and increasing test coverage.

Head to the Installation to see installation instructions, to Usage for quick use, or have a look at the catalogue of available functions in the API.